Thursday, November 11, 2010

A flood of #backchannel, but in a good way.

I'm a relatively recent presence on Twitter and I admit that I only got onto it for work purposes, but I now cheerfully admit I should have been on it for more selfish educational reasons long ago.

Case in point...

Given the nature of what I do, I gravitated to (and actively follow) the #elearning hashtag on my TweetDeck.  The connected nature of things in the interwebz, I soon found this thing called the #lrnchat - a regular chat among L&D professionals and Educators, where 5 questions get posted for participants to ponder and respond to.

Conference Bound!

Ok, so it's a local conference, but it's a milestone of sorts.

I'm headed to the CSTD Conference and Tradeshow next week.  It's been a shocking 5 yrs since I've been able to attend a big conference like this, my last one being E-LEARN 2005 in Vancouver.  No, it hasn't been 5 years since I've done any kind of professional development...I did have that whole grad school thing in there, too...but at long last the magical trifecta of availability, workload and all-important employer approval managed to present itself and I'm off, as they say, to see the Wizard.

Having watched - with no small envy - the backchannel from DevLearn, I'll be interested to see what kind of Twitter/Blog backchannel will come from CSTD '10  I had a quick (re)glance at the conference sessions to get some basic picks in (because time was running out to get registered) and there seems to be some interesting stuff on the go.  Granted, not as much on the leading edge side of things as DevLearn, but the audience is somewhat different..because it's a bit more of a generalist training & development constituency.  However, given that not all in the world is based on rapid e-learning (sadly), I'll be looking at the sessions that help keep my horizons broad and keep me reminded of all the other things out there in the corporate training & development world.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

A small toot of the personal horn

I learned on Friday that a course I designed and developed took first place in the New Employee Orientation category at DevLearn2010.  I think I can honestly say that this is the first education package I put together that ever won an award for anything.

Can't believe I'm gonna say this, but, "W00T!!"